#988 Moms

There are all kinds of moms. There are strict moms, cool moms, stay-at-home moms, mom and babyworking moms and everything in between. They come in all kinds of shades and shapes too. Everyone has or has had one and today is the day to celebrate them all. Even if you never got to know your mom, she gave birth to you. Even if you were adopted, celebrate the one that raised you and the one that gave you life.

My mom is different from all the others that I know. She has her moments when she is super cool and we hang out like best friends. Now, I only see her once a month and talk to her once a week on the phone. I love my mom. No matter what. Simple as that. mom and kids

Now that I myself am a mother, I realize everything mine went through. It’s a tough job, being a mom. Being a parent is one of the hardest things a person can do. You have to be tough and gentle at the same time. You have to be understanding but stand your ground. You have to discipline with love and have eyes in the back of your head. Being a mom means that you are a chef, a doctor, a counselor, a referee, a chauffer, a maid, a warden, a friend, a secret keeper, a shoulder to cry on and an investigator. Never underestimate a mother’s power or a mother’s love because moms are


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8 thoughts on “#988 Moms

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!! We went up to my cousin’s house last night for mother’s day dinner- all the family were in on it except Nanna. She knew there was a dinner but she didn’t know we were able to make it! It was wonderful to see her surprised and happy face when she saw us there 😀 And my own mum enjoyed her mother’s day as well. Let’s give thanks for all the awesome mums out there!!

  2. Beutifully written!
    Today i’ll be with my birth mom, first mother’s day since 1970’s…, together with my grown daughter who is the mother of my darling grand-daughter…”and it’s going to be a bright,bright,bright, sunshiney day”:) AWESOME!!!

  3. I’m not a mother yet, though I did get a Happy Meowm’s Day text from my brother (I have a cat), so I’m sure I still have more to learn about what mother’s go through. I am grateful though that I understand and appreciate my mother more now than I did growing up. I’m also eternally grateful that our relationship continues to improve with time and we’ve become friends. I love her, she’s awesome. I’m glad I’m a lot like her, that we both have curly hair, our feet look the same, we’re neat freaks, and our names rhyme =p. It’s an honor!

  4. I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was awesome! I got to spend the day with my kids and that’s what its all about. Saturday I went to visit both grandmas and my mom. I gave them all flowers. It was a good day.

  5. Love this, Bekah! As I age I appreciate my mother even more. As I’ve been laid up after surgery, my mom has been a huge help, doing so much for me. Hsappy Mother’s Day!

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