#989 The Spit Take

A comedy classic.

Almost every funny television show has had a character do this at one point or another. Something so startling happens that on-screen perpetrator can no longer hold their mouthful of water and ends up spewing it across the room, or all over an unsuspecting victim.

One of the greatest things about this gag is that most of us have done this at some point. You’re just chilling with friends, or lounging on the couch watching television, sipping a bottle of water, when some joke or incident happens that’s so funny, you don’t have a chance to swallow the H2O in your mouth. You’ve just got to laugh. And with that laugh comes a mini shower for everybody near you to be sprayed by.

Bonus: if the same joke causes several simultaneous spit takes, or your spit take starts a chain reaction of spit takes.


Post by abeccanamedlynn, a.k.a.becky

Photo from here.

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3 thoughts on “#989 The Spit Take

  1. My husband OFTEN does this when he laughs…and since i’m ALWAYS the one he directs it at you think i’d be suspect and know enough by now to get out of the way,but NO…shower everytime!!!!!!!!!!

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