#995 The Internet

Long gone are the days

  • when it cost you a $10 bill to say ‘Hi’ to your Delilah a thousand miles away
  • when you spent an entire evening in the library, just to find out whoever died
    whenever for your history class, when you could have gifted all that time to your girlfriend
  • when you had to enroll in a pricey course, perhaps taught by someone not so knowledgeable, only to end up learning nothing in the end
  • when you had to pick and choose the albums/movies you bought because they were just so expensive
  • when you used sentences as long as the one I just typed

Today, almost free of cost, you simply

Chat. Browse. Subscribe. Play.

All a click away.

That’s the Internet, baby!

In the long list of inventions that man made, there can be no doubt, surely the Internet stands out as one of the most


Photos from here and here


8 thoughts on “#995 The Internet

  1. www. ….. ahhhh i see what you did there Wendy ;D
    Where would we be without the internet???? Not just the Awesome community (WHICH WOULDN’T EXIST D: ) But also, every commercial business, every uni student, every school kid, every mum trying to diagnose her unusually sick child, every dad looking for more dad jokes to tell. Thank Awesome for the internet!

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