#996 Any excuse to celebrate

Has your birthday come and gone? Are there no statutory holidays on your horizon?

There’s no need to wait for a day off from school or work to let loose and shake things up a bit. Just go ahead, pick a festivity from another nation or culture, then find your own way to mark that occasion.

As it is, people around the world wear shamrocks, listen to Irish tunes, and eat and drink green food colouring on March 17th. Do we all have ties to Ireland? No, but that doesn’t stop us from whooping it up on St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s easy to find something to celebrate. Take today for example, it’s Cinco de Mayo. That party is no longer just for people in the United States and areas of Mexico. Anyone can get in on the fun.

No matter where you live, add some fiesta to your day today. Olé!

Search online for some mariachi music. Make tacos or fajitas for dinner. Speak Spanish, even if you only remember the limited number of words you learned from “Sesame Street.” Watch a movie starring a Mexican actor (Selma Hayek, Cheech Marin, Anthony Quinn). Invite friends over to take a swing at a piñata. Teach yourself some Mexican dance moves.

If you don’t have time to celebrate today, then go online and explore possibilities for other days. Why this week alone, you’ll note May 9th is Europe Day. Yesterday was Star Wars Day. See, there are countless excuses to revel.

Temporarily adopt another nation, culture or heritage and you’ve instantly found something to celebrate.


Sombreros, Mexico autor: patrick.denizet from wikipedia.org

Photo from here.


3 thoughts on “#996 Any excuse to celebrate

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. Even submitted similar one to Neil Pasricha’s blog. What I do believe we have here is an Awesome collective consciousness! Mine was about extending holidays so that they sort of meld, so that every day we remember to celebrate! Assuming this is all good with your personal faith and/or spiritual beliefs, for example, starting festivities around winter solstice, with Hanukkah. Then having Christmas! After New years, we celebrate Epiphany at our house, then we take the tree down. Then we move into the Chinese festivities until the first full moon…New Year’s! By then, it’s actually nearly Valentine’s day! 🙂 If your idea and my idea were synchronized, we’d also wear pink on Stop Bullying days, purple on End Epilepsy day and so on! We’d be so much more worldly, our lives far more full, colourful, wonderful and awesome…to celebrate every single day! I love this concept and you presented it SO VERY WELL!

  2. I’m a volunteer for Relay for Life which is sort of a branch of the American Caner Society and we celebrate a world with more birthdays. Every day is someone’s birthday!
    Now, I don’t go as far as to invite a bunch people over or put up decorations, but every day is sort of a celebration with my kids. I’m always thinking of new special things to do with them.

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