#997 Dance moves

Whether it’s at a wedding or a club, prom or a party, when that music comes on just get out their and get your moves on.  Maybe you took some lessons before your wedding or were in the salsa club in college and you know what you’re doing.  Maybe you just love movin’ and grovin’.  Maybe you’re out there slow dancing with grandma or maybe you are grandma.

  Just get out there and do your thing! Show off your Cabbage Patch or rock The Running Man.  Maybe the Cotton-Eyed Joe starts playing, or the Cupid Shuffle, or even the Hustle and you know every step.  Show off those moves you worked so hard to learn. If you’re really up for a challenge try to get the whole floor into a Conga Line!  It doesn’t matter what moves you’re doing as long as you’re out there moving to the beat.  As long as you’re out there showing off what you’ve got.  As long as you’re out there dancing.


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11 thoughts on “#997 Dance moves

  1. A lot of the dance moves people do now are awesome (there are some incredible break dance moves), but I saw a old movie recently and everyone was doing the charleston. It looked so cool, that I wished people still danced like that at school dances!

  2. I love to dance…when the music moves me I just can’t be stopped, no matter how I’m flailing and flying about. No matter if its salsa, tango, waltz, hustle, charleston, robot, funky chicken…all dancingis Awesome!

  3. I too love to watch some of the old time classics like the Charleston, the Shuffle and Swing!
    I wish I could dance as well, but am so very grateful for the times I can dance at all! Tried lessons but just couldn’t keep up with the instruction! I’ve a weak central nervous system from surviving a number of major concussions, at times I just fall down. (I could pretend I’m break dancing, or do the inch worm, I suppose. ha, ha, ha:) Other times skull hygromas fill/swell, causing pressure, whirling, sight loss and seizure/stroke-like symptoms, so I can’t dance at all and am layed up. This feels like a hole in my life! Sometimes I resort to very potent anti-inflammatories, so as I can participate in all the fun, not giving a care for the reprecussions. I figure if it’s my time I can at least say, “I had the time of my life!” When I “CAN” dance, I may not be deemed good, but it has been said I appear to be spirit-free…and I’ll take it because this is what dance means to me! And Naimi Adedapo, one of my most favorite Idol’s interprets this so very well, naturally:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIWNeJob_vU&feature=related (esp.part 2:22)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFvffFBzAUo&feature=related (esp. 3:18-3:28)

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  5. Grease anyone…??
    I’ve never taken all those ballroom dancing lessons, but I did do ballet when I was 4 and 6 and 7, and I did hip-hop when I was 10, and jazz from 11-14. But you don’t really have snazzy moves specific to those that you (or maybe just me, because it was a long time ago) can bust out at any occasion. Although I went to my first 18th party a few weeks ago and there was a carpet set out under coloured lights as a dance floor and I just got down and boogied. It was really fun- bonus: My dress was a short black flapper dress, so I felt great, looked sexy and looked epic with all the tassles flying as I spun 😀

  6. I just got done with a weekend packed full of playing Just Dance on the Wii with the kids. I love to watch them dance. My daughter tries so hard to follow the moves and my son just jumps around and shakes his arms. We all always have a lotta fun.

  7. Great advice! Even those of us without much rhythm can let loose and enjoy bustin’ a groove. I even have family members and friends who dance up such a storm that they’ve worn out their Playstation Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) mats.

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