#999 Losing the first pounds

Here is comes again. A new vow to exercise, diet and lose some weight. You set a goal weight and hide away all the junk food. Maybe even join a gym. A friend offers to be your walking buddy. This is a going to be fun. Go get yourself some new comfy clothes to jogscale in. Don’t forget that water bottle, you have got to stay hydrated!

After a few weeks you jump on the scale, proud of warding off the quarter pounder burgers and the donuts. Salads are your new best friend.

What’s that? Two pounds lighter? You pump your fists into the air and high five the first person you see because losing the first couple pounds is what it’s all about. This is where it starts. Your confidence is boosted and you are well on your way to reaching your goal.

Losing the first few pounds in a quest to get back into shape…



15 thoughts on “#999 Losing the first pounds

  1. Yeah, those first few always inspire one to continue exercising and putting forth effort. Thinking of this, the first few of anything can really inspire me to keep on.
    I am so impressed by the first posts on this new adventure!

  2. Well I’ve just been talking to my friend how we’ve both gained weight recently, me since the start of last year, her since the summer holidays. But I’ve never been on a diet/exercise thing before. I hate exercise. Because I hate being sweaty 😛 And I don’t have time for it anyway. So I guess i have to gradually love my curves more and more, instead of trying to get rid of them 😛

    • I used to hate getting sweaty too, but then my weight just got out of control after my second kid so I had to do something. I joined a gym. I have yet to see big results from it, but being all sweaty on the treadmill and sore the next day from lifting weights makes me feel great about doing something to take control.

      • Yeah true I guess that’s a great feeling when you’ve just done lots of exercise to make it feel wroth it 🙂 Like two days before the countdown ended, my Mum and I biked the whole way round Rottnest Island and I came back all sweaty and stiff and sore but I felt great for doing something healthy 🙂 That’s one of things I added to my own awesome list! ‘Doing something really healthy’ and ‘Doing lots of exercise at one time’

        • Me, too! Feeling the burn and the sweat after physical activity raises my spirits and I feel energized. Or, at least that’s how I remember it back when I could be physically active. Can’t wait to heal my new hip and be active once again!

  3. I hate to admit this, because no one, not even my husband knows my weight. But after having my second kid, I’ve found it much easier to pack on the pounds than it is to lose it. I weigh the same now as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. I joined a gym about a month or so ago and have been trying to lose some weight. I have to get this back under control. Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family, so I have to take care of myself.
    Seeing that all my hard work has paid off on the scale is such an awesome feeling. It makes what I’m doing worthwhile and gives me that extra boost of confidence I need to keep going.

  4. I sure can groove on the exercise clothes they offer these days:)
    (*Nice writing by the way, Bekah!)

  5. Awesome thing for the first day of my diet! Perfect thing to read this morning, when all I seem to think about is what I can’t have.

  6. I want to join a gym or workout in some way. Not really to lose weight, but to gain strength. I’m such a weakling and this was confirmed yesterday when my friend and her YOUNGER sister were helping me move in some furniture and they were both stronger than me… . I need some muscle! Just a wee bit, not body-builder status =p

    • Too much muscle can be really gross. I can’t stand to watch those body-building shows where they flex to show off all their grossness.
      I too am aiming to gain some upper body strength. My kids are growing and I still want to be able to pick them up and move them from the couch to the bed if they fall asleep.

      • Agreed! Too much muscle in my opinion is not attractive but moreover screams, “UPTIGHT!” I’ll never be a gymboy or gymbuffy, but again, I do love the practical clothes lines one can sport these days for activities in and outdoors, making play far more enjoyable in all types of weather! I stopped smoking in 2006 and put on some weight. Even more when I got hooked on blogging! But, it’s all been worth it! I’m becoming even more conscious about what feeds the body cells nutritionally, following current discoveries about cortisoles and the importance of live foods! Brain gym and such being so important to overall health, strength and so much more important than “just the number on the scale”. When I can run, skip, jump, still get a grass stain; lift, give piggy-backs, horsey-rides, PLAY and DANCE with my grand-babies, I know at my age and etceteras…I’m truly blessed and “making the weight”, alright and proud:)

  7. Agreed. Shedding those first few pounds (or better yet, kilos) is a boost to the spirits. Visible signs of progress + baby steps to being healthier = AWESOME!

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