So for the next month, the plan for this blog is to go through a top 30 countdown, based partly on the numbers, partly on the significance of the post.
I chose Broccoflower first, since last night Neil said this is where it all started, #1000. Personally, I have never had broccoflower, I must confess, but now I am on the lookout…
Let’s keep Awesome going and growing! 🙂

1000 Awesome Things

About two years ago I noticed something funny as I flipped through a grocery store flyer. On the produce page was an ugly, green-looking cauliflower, with the caption “$2.99! Broccoflower!” It was hilarious. A green cauliflower labelled as a Broccoflower. The bizarre misfit child from two of nature’s most hideous vegetables. The best part is that people usually don’t believe me when I mention it and, to top it off, I’ve never seen it advertised since — like the mutant Broccoflower was shunned by society and has since flown home.


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About 1000awesomefriends

I am just one of the many who have been inspired by Neil Pasricha's 1000 Awesome Things to be better, to see the world as a better place, and to keep the awesome movement alive, as I think it makes the world a better place! We all have enough negative to hear about, what we need is a positive space, positive outlook on life. And I hope this blog will give us the chance to do it!

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  1. If someone tried to bring this stuff home and make me eat it, I would move out. But who knew such a weird vegetable would be so significant?

  2. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I saw it on Neil’s. I still have yet to see one.

    Ps… I have signed up for an account on wordpress using I think that’s all you need to add me as a moderator. Feel free to email me too. I really want this thing to go on. I have a few questions, but I’ll ask later.

  3. I was just thinking last night, to start a blog of 1000 things with… Broccoflower! I mean, how amazing is that! Probably I would have started with something trite like peanut butter, butterflies, etc.
    Just goes to show to unique and creative is Neil. Doesn’t seem like something you could build an entire Awesome Movement on, but then again, that’s what happened. Very neat.

  4. I’m so glad I keep going to #1 and scrolling through the comments or I wouldn’t have known everyone moved here. Awesome!

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